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IGN: zinn43

Why do you want to be staff? I am somewhat new to the Legacy community, but I will not let that get in the way of my staff rank. I have always wanted to try out for staff, but have never figured out until now, but I wont let that issue stop me any more. I am very good with solving things, such as an argument between players, some one needing help building or need items, and of course, finding hackers and taking care of them, no matter what the punishment need be. I am good at finding all of the different hacks, like x-ray, nuker, etc. I think the reason i should be staff is because I am a friendly person, love helping, and will do anything in power (if i get staff) to help those in need. Thank you

What is your age? 13 soon to be 14

Whats your discord name? (ex: name#0000) My name is Zinn43#unknown. I am not active on Discord and will not be for a while due to an issue with the site crashing my device when I try to open it.

Have you ever been staff on any other servers? (Please list names, not ips) I have not but will apply for more in the future. If I get a staff position on this server, it will inspire me to try out on more and more servers and help out the online world of Minecraft.

Name a weakness and strength you have! One weakness I have is that I afk somewhat often, so I might not be able to respond to any issue's right away. My strength is that I am a kind and helpful person, and will not hesitate to help anyone no matter what the issue might be.
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