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Username: OPBR7

Discord: OPBR7

Why I Want To Be Staff: I Want To Be Better In This Server. I Want People To Think Of Me Better Then A Horrible PvP Player. I Love This Server Also! I Would Buy Legacy Rank Right Away If My Parents Allowed Me To! I Also Am HATED By OP PvP Players! So If I Become Staff They Might Hate Me Less!

Why I Should Be Staff: I Only Play This Server So I Would Be Here To Help For A While. Im A Fast Typer. I Mostly Pay Attention To The Chat. (not Including Narrator)
I Can Help Staff With Building Because I Mostly Try To Make Things Look Good. I Also Have A Fast Computer So To See If Theres A rule For something That I Dont Know If There Is, I Can Check In Minimum 30 Seconds!

Age: 10 But I Am Not Immature! I Dont Act Like The People Who Say There Ten But Act Like 6! I Act More Like Im 13!

Temper: I Dont Get Mad Often! Like If I Get Killed In PvP I Mostly Get Sad. But Im NOT DEPRESSED!

Help The Server: ANYONE I Find Playing MineCraft I Tell Them To Play LEGACYMC!

Mostly Around 12:00P.M.--6:00P.M.
About 2 Hours a Day.

Please Except This! I Would "Work" Very Hard To Keep This Server At The Very Best!

P.S. I Know Lots Of Commands! And I Am At The Probably The 14th Smartest Kid In My Grade!