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unsomething's Staff Application

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IGN: My in-game name is unsomething. My Rank is Member.
Why do you want to be staff? I would like to be staff because i am active, fun, playful and serious when it comes to staff matters. I was playing for a while and saw no Helper+ and that is bad because most people don't feel like asking Members they believe that the Helpers have more info so if someone needed help who would they go to, I was asking for help and no one did and i know how it feels to be ignored.

What is your age? I am 13 years of age.

Whats your discord name? (ex: name#0000) My discord name is unsomething#9765 . I am active everyday ( unless in class ) so i might be able to answer it pretty quickly.

Have you ever been staff on any other servers? (Please list names, not ips) Yes, I am currently a Helper on CrazyWars and i have been Sr. Mod on discord servers with 300+ people.

Name a weakness and strength you have! 1 Strength would be my Patience and I am not Toxic so i will not disrespect anyone in my LegacyMc days. 1 Weakness would be my current reputation on LegacyMc, As it is clean I am not known by anyone other then the "On Crack" island and the "Wonderlands" Island. 1 Weakness about me would be would be the Hacker catching, By that i mean if it would come out of no where and be attacked i would most likely not have a recorder on but if someone reported it to me or i saw it without being in combat i would turn on my recorder and record the situation.

Hope I get accepted. <3
Dont know what Kindle is talking about... but you have detail and I see you have experience so I think you would be a good fit for the staff team!
Good Luck!