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Saw a thread about posting here in addition to a Google Form so here goes:
IGN: xXUwuGamerXx
Why I want to be staff: I love helping people. I love knowing that I made someone's day better in some way, no matter how small.
Age: 18
Discord: crazygmr101#5324
Staff on other servers? No, not "official" servers. I helped a friend run his small server with a few friends.
Weakness: Well. Don't know if it's really what you're looking for, for a question like this, but my hours are limited in the summer. I'm home with Wifi that is pretty eh. But as for a personal weakness, I care. A lot about everyone and everything, which can usually be a good thing, but sometimes can get eh :p
Strength: I'm pretty good with Minecraft. I understand Java, how modding/plugins works in PC Edition. I know how to work with Minecraft commands.