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IGN: Pickleboi123

Why do you want to be staff? : well, i want to be staff due to the following reasons-
1.) i believe i can be of use to the server as i do help players who ask for help in chat
2.) i log on a fair amount of time, 3-4 hours
3.) i like helping people in need, i have no idea why, but it gives me a feeling of superiority and satisfaction.
4.) i like reporting wrongdoers and punishing people who do wrong, reason being the same as mentioned in Point 3
5.) I like having as many tags as possible, so having a (staff type) tag will be good.
6.) the major reason thought, why i want to be staff, is to be of use to the server, in its fight against crime/wrongdoers alongside fun and family friendliness.

What is your age? : 14 years and 5 months, my birthday is in October.

Whats your discord name? (ex: name#0000): darkreleaser2456#7158

Have you ever been staff on any other servers? (Please list names, not ips): well yes, but technically no, as the owner of a very small server told me, if i manage to bring in 10 people to their server, i would get helper rank, i brought in 10 people, but i then had to log out, because i had to go out of town. when i came back, i forgot the ip of the server, so i have no way of confirming whether i got it or not. also, this must be pretty obvious, but i came to that server using a ip and using the direct login method. also, i know you all asked for names, not ips, but i don't know it so i cannot put it. i just felt like putting it in this section just in case.

Name a weakness and strength you have!:
1.) really prone to being the victim of scams, though now i am trying to become more and more smart, so i am not driven into scams.
1.)i Really, Really like helping people. well, the reason i have mentioned in the (why you want to be staff) section, point no.3

some other weaknesses-
1.) i am kind of impatient.
2.) i can sometimes be really weird
3.) i don't fight for myself sometimes.
4.) i guess i am a little lazy
5.) i have a really hard time concentrating on a particular thing, though i have been trying to improve, and it is giving results, slowly but surely.
6.) i am really good at the things that do not matter, like mosquito killing, making card castles, fixing objects like notebook covers, etc.
7.) i sometimes cross the line in making fun of something, (not people).
8.) i sometimes get a superiority complex where it is not needed, in just my mind of course.

some of my other strengths, uhh this is gonna be a hard to fill in list-
1.) i am really good at lifting up people's moods.
2.) i can often be funny and/or whimsical.
3.) i can exercise for a long time. ( not sure if that is meant to be in this post)
4.) I am good at logical thinking and getting possible solutions in the most difficult of difficult situations.
5.) I like to interact with other people.
6.) I am really good at giving good, needed advice about a lot of things