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IGN: ItzBraydenMC

Why do you want to be staff? Because I what to help the commuinte grow and make sure there no invaders trying to ruin everything and the fun that other people are having on the server. i what to stop hackers at pvp and make the server kid friendly. I have read all of the rules on the discord server and i know what they are. I know swearing is aloud at some points but not to each other. I what to make sure all people ae happy and make it fun for each other. I what to inproove the server even more then it already has. I what to help and serve the people tha need me for help or answer with the right and best answer possible for them. Thats it Thank for reading that :D

What is your age? 14

Whats your discord name? (ex: name#0000) UnbelievableNoob#1402

Have you ever been staff on any other servers? (Please list names, not ips) No i have not but i what to help and learn how to be one.

Name a weakness and strength you have! a Weakness is pvping and building. my strength is finding haackers and having fun

If there is anything you would like to know about me please leave it in the comments or contact me on discord as i am in the server :D