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Introduction on New Account

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Most of you know me by now, my IGN is JustSomeCatGuy. If you ever see me in-game, feel free to say hi!

I made a new forums account so that's why I'm making an introduction now.

List of some my favorite things:

Italian Food
Mexican Food
(I like everything in those categories so it's too hard for me to decide on one thing)

Favorite animal/animal species:

Favorite show genre:

Favorite Hobbies:
Collecting Coins
Collecting Hot Wheels (Mainly just the supercars)

My biggest annoyances:
When someone can't stop talking about something that they know hurts my feelings/is annoying in the first place.
When someone is purposefully trying to make something more difficult than it needs to be/being stubborn.
When someone makes repetitive unnecessary noises.
When something is off-kilter/not in the center.
I'd like to address something that keeps happening and isn't stopping no matter how much I ask people to.
Calling me any names other than Cat/JustSomeCatGuy. (E.g. Calling me Furry)
I don't think people understand how much this annoys me/hurts me. It's a feeling of disrespect whenever someone calls me a name other than I'm comfortable with.
If anyone is reading this that calls me anything other than Cat/JustSomeCatGuy, I want to ask you kindly to please stop doing it.