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Why do you want to be staff?
I would like to be staff because i like to help people when i see someone in chat who needs help i do my best to help them and try to stop other people from being mean to other players though there is not much you can do with out a rank. I try to help beginners or people without a lot of money I like to ask in chat if anyone need help money or items because i have more then i need and other people could use nice stuff to start out. I hate to see other people being mean and want to stop people who are and i want to make the sever a nice friendly place where people wont get bullied and can get on and have fun. I have played minecraft for several years along with many other video games most of which i beat. I have found that no other video game come close to being as fun as minecraft so now this is the only video game i play. Also i don't use bad language and play about 4-6 hours a day and know how to spot hackers and know how to react to them.

What is your age?
I am 15 years old.

Whats your discord name? (ex: name#0000)

Have you ever been staff on any other servers? (Please list names, not ips)
No i have not but i have been a leader in many other video games.

Name a weakness and strength you have!
My weakness is i sometimes spend to much time and resources helping people who need help and that i get angry if i see people being mean to others.
My strength is that i am kind and love to help people to the most of my ability's and if i cant help them to find someone else who can. I am good at pvp and building.
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