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IGN: ameliabelle

Why do you want to be staff?
Legacymc is an amazing server, getting the chance to become a staff on here would mean a great deal to me and would be very much appreciated! The server is by far the best one I have joined and I would love to help as much as I possibly could to make it even better! I am kind to people and at the same time I am making sure that the rules are still being followed. I enjoy this server so much and I see becoming apart of staff as an opening to help people enjoy it as much as i do! There is so many good current staff members and being able to work with them would be amazing! Again i will do anything to help for this server, it deserves it! <3

What is your age?
I am currently 15 years old!

Whats your discord name? (ex: name#0000)
ameliabelle #0023

Have you ever been staff on any other servers? (Please list names, not ips)
I have not been staff on any other server, but I mean I have to start somewhere right? If I become staff member for the first time on an amazing server like legacymc , i would be so grateful! I see this as a learning opportunity. Maybe becoming staff on here will encourage me to start my own server someday!

Name a weakness and strength you have!

I think my strength would be i am a perfectionist. some people would consider this a weakness but I see it as if I am going to do something, i am going to do it right! EXAMPLE: If I were to become a staff on this server, I would not let you down and do the best of my abilities to help! I am a very caring person but no one is perfect but I do the best I can to always make others around me happy!

My weakness is that I am competitive, not towards other people but towards myself, I set goals for myself that sometimes I can not achieve and i am a little too hard on myself for it. I think that is my top weakness

Again becoming staff on this sever would mean a lot to me and I am very hopeful you like my application!
Much love