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Important All Custom Enchants & What They Do

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Here's the complete list of enchantments & what they do! :)

Rage - Sword/Axe (combination of hits, increase damage, the combo is broken from being hit back)
Lifesteal - Sword (chance to heal for damage dealt, if it proc and you deal 1 heart of damage you heal 1 heart)
Molten - Axe (increase durability dealt too armor, does not go through unbreaking)
Mob Rusher - Sword (increases XP from grinding mobs)
Animate - Chest (increases total health)
Stampede - Boots (applies a speed effect)
Beast - Chest (gives strength effect)
Nightmare - Legs (when hit, a chance to blind opponent, and freeze them in place)
Trap - Sword (chance to cause high levels of slowness)
Wither - Sword/Axe (chance to cause wither)
Bleed - Axe (chance to apply a bleed effect for a period of time, while active on a player all attacks are received by 5%)
Daze - Bow (chance to stun target)
Velocity - Bow (arrow flies faster)
Tank - Legs (when shifting user gains resistance and slowness)
Fireproof - Legs (gains perm fire resistance)
Curse - Helm (chance, when hit, to give nausea and mining fatigue to opponent)
Venom - Sword/Axe (chance to cause poison)
Sturdy - Sword/Axe (chance to not use durability)
Shadow - Sword (chance to blind)
Vampire - Axes (when proc heals for half of damage dealt)
Fling - Bow (chance to fling target back toward your direction)
Ender Mastery - Legs (throw pearls father)
Slime - Boots (takes % less damage from fall damage)
Dodge - Legs (chance to dodge an incoming attack)
Bind - All Armor (chance to not take durability damage, on the piece)
Swordsman - Chest (increase damage with a sword)
Lumberjack - Chest (increase damage with an axe)
Hex - Swords (chance to cause nausea)
Swift - Swords (chance to give haste 2, when grinding mobs)
Pummel - Axes (chance to slow opponent)
Explosive - Bow (arrow explodes on impact; does not go through unbreaking)
Headless - Axes (Drops opponents head, when they are killed)
Drunk - Axes (chance to give nausea)
Push - Swords/Axes (chance to cause insane knock back)
Astronaut - Boots (give a jump boost effect)
Diver - Helm (gives perm water breathing)
Nocturnal - Helm (gives perm night vision)
Shock - Legs (chance to smite opponents when hit)
Rejuvenation - Chest (when you die you heal your allies in a radius)
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