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IGN: itskasai
Why do you want to be staff?
i have been playing LegacyMC for a very long time now and i have a lot of experience on the server and a lot of knowledge on it to. I think that i can help the server a lot i am very good with talking and explaining to people . I also know when punishing is needed. in all of the time i have been playing the server i noticed that the times that i play in there there are no staff members on, and if i will be a staff member i could help all the people that need help at that time and fill the time the other staff members are not on. i think that being a staff can help me become more helpful to the community of legacyMC i can help a lot and take care of stuff i will be able to each day give around 5 - 8 hours of my time to help people. i believe that i can really help the server and that another staff member can help. i want to help i really do and i believe that if i will get the chance to help i will be good at it. i will be able to help the server to deal with spams hacks character drag and much more. and it is true i can help people without me having staff and i am doing my best but the problem is that people don't tell me that they need help they don't say anything because they see there is no staff on so they are waiting an hour or more until they get help and if i did have staff they would of asked me and i could of helped them. i will help the community with everything they need i am very friendly even when insulted i try to keep everything under control. and i will punish when someone will break a rules. i will be respectful to everyone around me just as i want them to respect me. as i said i will really give everything i got into it i will fill the gaps when staff members aren't online and i will do my best helping everyone to be happy. i will be able to also help the server and also be able to play normally. when i need to help someone i will stop everything i am doing to help him that is how i do stuff. I really like legacyMC i play it all the time and i really want to help the community there.

what is your age?
i am 14 i know that is young but i will do my very best to help the server

Whats your discord name? (ex: name#0000)

Have you ever been staff on any other servers? (Please list names, not ips)

I have not been staff on any other server before but thats exactly why i want to be staff here if i will be denied because of this, every-other server will do the same and i will never get a chance to show people how helpful i can be and this is something i really want to try out. and i have that feeling i will be really good at it. And also i love to experience new things.

Name a weakness and strength you have!

A weakness;
A weakness is that i have a Disease called diabetes and sometimes i will have to leave suddenly for 10 mins or i will be out for a day if my sugar in blood is low and also I am writing my exam so I won’t be online for very long but after the exam I promise you I will always be online.

A strenght;
A strength that i have is that everyday i can be around 2-3 hours online a day which will give me a lot of time helping people and i know all the rules and i am experienced with all of the commands i have been playing minecraft for a while now and i can do a lot of the work a staff member needs to do really quickly and as i said i will give everything i got into it, it will be really a dream comes true.

(This is my fourth application i have written , thank you .)
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