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A Factions Map (With Elemental Abilities) IDEA


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The 4 Kingdoms
I want you guys to create a factions map.. but not any old factions map. This faction game is a survival game, where players can join a faction to survive. These factions are affiliated to 4 Kingdom. These 4 Kingdoms are The Water Kingdom, The Fire Kingdom, The Earth Kingdom, and the Wind/Air Kingdom. There can be factions that are not affiliated with these Kingdoms. The Kingdom's are scattered around the map, and every Kingdom is nowhere near each other. In order to join a Kingdom, you must find it, and you must be loyal to the King of Kingdom. The Kingdom is a tall tower full of dorms, farms, etc. When a player joins a Kingdom, they are not required to join an affiliated faction, but it is recommended. The factions are full of players in the same kingdom. For example, if someone is apart of the Fire Kingdom, they are not allowed to join a water faction unless the Water Kingdom and the Fire Kingdom become allies.

When a player joins a faction, they get elemental powers to aid them in combat. If a person joins the Water Kingdom they will get water powers, if they join the fire Kindom then they get fire powers. There is 1 head of each kingdom, known as the Queen or King. They get a special rank, and colored text whenever they talk. Before they get their powers they must reach Apprentice/Padawan in a Kingdom. There are several ranks in each Kingdom, and I'll put my ideas of ranks down below.
Normal Factions and others
Outside of these "4 Kingdoms" and there affiliated factions, there are normal factions too. A "normal" faction is a faction that is not connected to a Kingdom in any sort of way. Factions are allowed to ally with Kingdom's and a Kingdom's affiliated factions. An Elemental Faction is the same thing as a normal Faction except in an Elemental Faction, you fight for your Kingdom as well, and you also get cool powers. In A normal faction, you do not get any powers in any sort of way. In this faction's thing, there will be something that is called Magic. Magic can be found by a special fruit. You know how you have to eat in Minecraft, what if some of those plants become "cursed". When you eat a Cursed plant you get Magical powers. With Magical Powers, you can Teleport, jump super high, ughh who knows?? You also get cool particles that orbit your character (Like an Endermen's particles). Anyone can obtain Magic, except Elemental players. Some Magical power will require a rank on the store, and powerful rare magic can be purchased on the store as well.

Instructions for someone to use their powers.

In minecraft, there are 9 inventory slots. (Which can be found if you look down at those slots). You add a special power to each slot. You don't have to hold anything in your hand, or you can. In order to activate the ability you must select your power that you want to use (by scrolling to a specific slot), and then you have to crouch, right click, jump, left click in order to activate. If your powers are activated, whenever you scroll to a slot, text shows above telling you the abilities name. If your powers are off then you go into actual Survival Mode. This means if you're an Air Elemental Apprentice+ with a super jump when your powers are deactivated, you'll just jump as high as if you were actually playing in Survival Mode.

To completely turn your powers off, you can simply do the cheat /poff This stands for "Powers Off".

How Staff Members are useful in-game
in the map, we need someone to supervise the game. STAFF MEMBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO JOIN A KINGDOM OR A FACTION. There job is to Moderate the server. The Staff Members can Help out factions and etc. They are allowed to fly anywhere, and they are in creative mode. They can build things on the server. They are NOT allowed to build everything, and certainly not allowed to build on other people's islands without permission from the land owner. Staff Members can make custom made events like parkour maps, and can reward players prizes from the creative menu (such as a stack of diamonds). STAFF MEMBERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HURT OR KILL ANY PLAYER IN THE GAME. Staff Members can bassically help you do things but while they are doing so, they must Moderate the server at all times. Staff Members are not allowed to give players free stuff unless they've actually earned it. If caught on camera with potential proof, the Staff member can be fired or put on punishment.
WATER RANKS --> Can run/walk on water. If they hold the letter K while in water, their litterally be standing on water until they let go.
Water Recurit
- Aqua Student
- Water Apprentice (Gets his/hers powers)
- Aqua Knight (Gains Special Water Trident. When holding, you get additional water powers.)
- Water Agent
- Water Warrior
- Aqua Guardian/Aqua Guard
- Aqua Commander
- Aqua General
- Water Captain
- Water Battlemaster
- Aqua Master
- Royal Aqua Guard --> Chosen by the King/Queen
- Aqua Prince/Princess
- Aqua King/Queen
FIRE RANKS --> Can hold SHIFT + L to launch into the sky causing an explosion right beneath their feet as soon before they blast off into their jump boost.
- Fire Recurit
- Pyro Novice
- Pyro Apprentice (Gains powers)
- Lava Knight (Gain Special Lava Rod, which allows more powers)
- Lava Guard
- Lava Warrior
- Pyro Sergeant
- Pyro Commander
- Lava General
- Combustion Captain
- Blazed-Battlemaster
- Lava Lord
- Royal Lava Guard --> Chosen by the King/Queen
- Lava Prince/Princess
- Combustion King/Queen
AIR RANKS --> When powers are activiated, whenever the player jumps, they get a boost going pretty high, but not to high that the grass is out of render distance. TORNADO WARRIOR'S+ CAN FLY (But can't fly as fast... as a person in Creative Mode)
- Air Recruit
- Air Apprentice
- Air Battle-Student (Gains Wind Powers)
- Wind Knight (Gains Lightning Rod, which grants lightning powers)
- Jitsu Warrior
- Air Warrior
- Tornado Warrior
- Wind Commander
- Wind General
- Tornado Captain
- Wind Master
- Tornado Royal Guard
- Wind Prince/Princess
- Wind King/Queen

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