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  1. RoneCraft

    [DENIED] Tangster97 Character Spam

    uhh this is a feb 25th report
  2. RoneCraft

    09EpicGameFlame's new helper/mod application

    You should maybe say that the other submitted application from around February 8 are not the good ones. I suggest to just comment your old submitted applications saying: Outdated or something of the kind.
  3. RoneCraft

    Welcome to the forums!

    Welcome to the forums!
  4. RoneCraft

    why i want to be a staff in skyblock

    I think you should post this in Staff Applications instead of Accepted Staff Applications because I don't think your application will be reviewed here.
  5. RoneCraft

    Welcome to the forums!

    Welcome to the forums!
  6. RoneCraft

    You will ned Minecraft Java to join the server. (Minecraft on the computer) Any other sort of...

    You will ned Minecraft Java to join the server. (Minecraft on the computer) Any other sort of Minecraft, i.e Minecraft Pocket Edition/Console will not work. If you have Minecraft Java, you can join the server with this IP address: Hope this helped!
  7. RoneCraft

    Cactus Growth Rate

    @xDerpyFace @summiner12 Problem solved lol! So, I found out that cactus does not grow. As shown in my image above, you need to put fences, strings, cobblestone walls, (or anything else) to make it automatically drop by itself. You then need to buy a crop hopper, via the /shop. The cacti are...
  8. RoneCraft

    keepInventory During Envoys

    No, I just posted my point of view @BananaSSkin_pvp
  9. RoneCraft

    keepInventory During Envoys

    What do you mean? If there are great items in envoys, then the pvpers would try to kill everyone and loot them. However, if KeepInventory was on, there's no point in killing. I don't understand your point of view.. Do you want KeepInventory to be enabled or not??
  10. RoneCraft

    [DENIED] Tangster97 Character Spam

    IGN: Tangster97 Reason: Character spam Proof: Picture
  11. RoneCraft


    I could make one.. It might just take forever cause I would be copying the one from YT lol
  12. RoneCraft

    Cactus Growth Rate

    even without anything to automatically break it, i tried to let it grow normally... didnt work. I think this should be reported as a bug
  13. RoneCraft

    Link/YouTube Advertisement

    IGN: Redstoneboy427 Reason: Advertising with a link Proof: Image
  14. RoneCraft

    keepInventory During Envoys

    Exactly why keepinventory shouldnt be enable. If it was enabled, then there is no point in killing.
  15. RoneCraft

    Staff Application

    Just because I sometimes mess around in-game doesn’t mean I would neglect my work
  16. RoneCraft

    Staff Application

    It's not a pain. I do my job correctly and to the letter
  17. RoneCraft

    keepInventory During Envoys

    no... The more you advance with your islands, the more you will have the likes of buying automated farms/grinders. After that, you can have enough money to buy some good gear and go the pvp. With envoy you can then get more progress. envoy is like a temporary event. It's like reserved to...
  18. RoneCraft

    LegacyMC Server Rules

  19. RoneCraft

    Skyblock Guide

    Hello there, New to skyblock? No problem! Here is a guide that will help you out through your journey at LegacyMC! First of all, When joining the Atlantis realm, you type /is to start an island. Then, you would have a choice of the Atlantis island or the plain default island. Atlantis island...
  20. RoneCraft

    IG spawner

    Hello! Here, I suggest adding iron golem spawners to the shop and removing the ones from the IRL shop so that people could buy them with in-game money. (I know that they are available in crates and the LegacyMC's store) First of all, I do know that it will affect the server's economy. However...