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  1. RoneCraft

    [DENIED] Tangster97 Character Spam

    IGN: Tangster97 Reason: Character spam Proof: Picture
  2. RoneCraft

    Link/YouTube Advertisement

    IGN: Redstoneboy427 Reason: Advertising with a link Proof: Image
  3. RoneCraft

    Skyblock Guide

    Hello there, New to skyblock? No problem! Here is a guide that will help you out through your journey at LegacyMC! First of all, When joining the Atlantis realm, you type /is to start an island. Then, you would have a choice of the Atlantis island or the plain default island. Atlantis island...
  4. RoneCraft

    IG spawner

    Hello! Here, I suggest adding iron golem spawners to the shop and removing the ones from the IRL shop so that people could buy them with in-game money. (I know that they are available in crates and the LegacyMC's store) First of all, I do know that it will affect the server's economy. However...
  5. RoneCraft

    Staff Application

    IGN: RoneCraftGame Why do you want to be staff? Since the server I was staff on had shutdown, I wish to be staff here to continue staffing and learn more. I really like the positive community which is always very enthusiastic. I keen to learn more from a new server and I wish to well moderate...