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    attention toi all people who want to be staff

    I made one but its not showing up in this part of the forums is this support to happen?
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    not about a player but glitch.

    this is like 10 seconds after the post and I've been kicked again lol
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    not about a player but glitch.

    hi I know this is the player report but I have no idea where to report problems so apologies but im just writing here fir the sake of it. Anyways the 'Captain Hook' kicked me for 'flying isn't enabled on this server' so I think the anticheat is picking it us as flying im not sure if this is...
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    Unfair Ban

    unspeakable you was also hitting ppl not just spamming the mouse so it looked as if you had kill aura for about 5 hours at spawn.
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    old app ignore this one

    IGN: OGstar Why do you want to be staff? I'd like to be staff as I think I would be able to get rid of hackers on the server as I think theres not a large anticheat system as I have played before with people using kill aura at spawn for about an hour but I think I can help get rid f these...